Band is a project I started in April 2008.

I’ve written music for an imaginary, international, all girl, group band.

Band members are multicultural /multilingual and fictional.

I proceeded to create the band members, by giving them a look and a stage.

I perform all the band members by duplicating my image.

I wanted to create a world where the characters, language and sound would be out worldly but at the same time, recognisable.

I wanted the characters to be a vessel that absorbs culture and regurgitates a new language. Different national identities and cultures, all mixed up. Like, in a parallel universe where things seems familiar, but rearranged. Random moments in a made up reality.

I’m using music, sound and vocal/texts or non texts as a staring point in my work.

I’m using my body and self, as material of representation, therefore I detach myself from my own identity but at the same time, I identify with all the characters.

by duplication my self, I create a group identity, although “they” are all- me, each character seams to be an individual.

BAND PHOTOS is an extention of the project, in those photos i try to capture the band atmosphere and to form an intimate relationship within the fantastic group.

Im interested, is in the image of the “similar” group, and the tension of the individual in the group.

Although, the first stage of my work, usually comes from an abstract emotion- captured in music, the next stage is, to make sense of it, put it in context. In the case of Band, it is the context of pop culture and how society is reflected through this culture.

I make music, I create video and animation, i perform, I create installations and 2D digital and painting representations.
Band is partly  based on my experiences of being part of the Art band-Chicks On Speed

I released my solo album Virtual leisure in 2008.

I moved into the world of pop music, in order to experience that culture and be able to write and produce my music so I can use in my work.

Band is an ongoing project  and im looking for opportunities to show it.