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PROTOTYPE HITS- Academy Alongside the 1 min instructional performances, during the 10 short intervals, a philosopher or intellectual is present on stage, commenting while performers change outfits and get ready. Commenting ceases with the start of the next performance. The intellectual on stage, as part of the composition provides another layer of interest and criticality.(In the Hamburg and Dusseldorf performances, the only part that failed, was the intellectual on stage)





10- 1 minute instructional performances Alex Murray-Leslie and Anat Ben David, Art in a state of experiment, presented as stage performance. to produce instructive "events" that provokes thought and discussion between academia and artistic production. The artists intention is to follow instructions and operate a self-imposed system - to perform a score and encourage speculation as to artistic intention. actions are controlled but unlimited, totalitarian but not suffocating.

The artists are free in their regimented newly created environment. They become a machine, breaking of rules is controlled. Establishing a questionable position- the question as answer, and adaptable systems that perform constantly and in all levels, allowing the system to become powerful and unpredictable, therefore dangerous.

original STATEMENT; Alex Murray Leslie, Anat Ben-David





Prototype Hits- Films

On going investigation and platform for creation of films and music production. 10 Site specific films are to be made: action painting, bodies, movement and original music inspired by situation films. L'Estruch Sabadell, residency in Barcelona – to expand and explore further ideas and develop new prototypes. Including, remediation of preexisting prototypes and working on "Mapping" video to area’s of body and Midi triggering body sensors




PROTOTYPE HITS live: 2011 GM 12: REDEFINING THE NO(Kampnagel, Hamburg ) and 1.2011 FFT Düsseldorf.


GALA'S INVITATION, Gala Dalí Castle in Púbol, 2. 11


Prototype Hits-THESE SHOES ARE MADE FOR PAINTING, shoes by Max Kibardin, made at L´Estruch, Sabadell


Prototype Hits-Pop song in Spot light