Exhibitions and Shows

Produced own 10 track CD album "Popaganda Music CD" with cover songs and original music and lyric all performed by Anat Ben-David. music done with brother Yoav Ben-David and Avi Pitchons archive.

produced "Popaganda DVD" with video work made under "popaganda Project" 2002/4

Electromusic Performing "Popaganda live " as support band for Chicks On Speed. Performing and doing visuals as part of Chicks On Speed live show, Electroclash tour 2002 and 2003/4 touring Europe.

"popaganda Project" 2002/4 videos:


"all of me" "you go to my head" you've got that look" "mackimesser" "you do something to me" "illusions" Popaganda Voices from hell" "some good time"


Feb 2003

The Love Of Power project at the ICA London with Avi Pitchon, Tamy Ben-Tor and Yoav Ben-David.

April 2003 "Popaganda", performance and Installation; Voices from Hell"- Wonderyears exhibition, Kunstlehaus Bethanien Berlin.
September 2003


"Popaganda" a solo performance at Tate Britain.


March 2003

December 2003

January 2004

March 2003

FEB 2005

March-April 2005

April02 2005

April 1 2005

2 June 2005-

July 16 200

23 2005 Port Eliot

August 29,2005

November 2005

.November 24 2005

.December 02 2005



Fly Utopia -Transmediale Berlin.


London.Jan -FEB 2005 Tenticalism Project at the F.A.D Barcelona with Chicks On Speed.

Chcks On Speed Tour in Asia (Singapoor, Japan, Hong Kong) and Australia.

Chicks Performance at Leon, Opening of- Mosak contemporary museum

Tate Britain- Atletica, live performance at Late at Tate

"Diamonds for Workers" group show Kate Macgarry gallery, London.

Wired Women Festival, organising and performing spitz, London july

-Lit Fest, ST Germans, Cornwall, "Port Eliot Historical Society Visits the future".

Live at Turn to the Left event ,curetted by Pil and galia kollective at 291 gallery, London

- chicks on speed tour in the USA

Imagine a World, an Amnesty International art exhibition at South Bank, currated by Emma Underhill

Live performance at the town house Miami, for art Basel, Art fair.



Jan 1994

"Facests" - Artist House, Jerusalem (one man show)

Jun 1994

"The End" - Erfurt, Germany (multimedia performance)

Sep 1994

Performed in the Tel Chay Art events

Nov 1994

"The End" - Tel Aviv Museum

Dec 1994

"Memories & Obsessions" - House of Artists, Jerusalem

May 1995

"The End" - Israel Festival, Jerusalem

Aug 1996

"Mouth" - Phenomena Festival - Award winner

May 1997

"Mouth" - Nürnberg & Erlangen, Germany

Jul 1997

"I told you not to cry" - Blur - Performance at the Tel Aviv Performing Art Center

Oct 1997

"Cut it out" - Acco Festival 97

Mar 1999

"ENDFOREVER" - with Avi Pitchon "Do- oman" Festival, "Habima," Tel Aviv

May 1999

"ENDFOREVER" - with Avi Pitchon Figurentheater-Festival, Nünberg, Erlangen, Fürth

Nov 1999

"The Talent Show" - with Tami Ben-Tor - "End of Broadcasting" "Habama" Theatre, Jerusalem

Dec 1999

"The Talk Show" - with Tmi Ben-Tor "Habama" Theatre, Jerusalem

Apr 2000

"Through the Looking Glass" - exhibition / animation installation, Habama Jerusalem

Mar 2001

"Sunrise for all" - "Flashlights" - Pandemonium Festival at the Lux, London

May 2001

"The Timtum" Visual Show with Avi Pitchon at the Public Life, London

Aug 2001

Park-video work in "Change Focus" Exhibition at the Opera House - Mercaz Golda, Israel

Aug 2001

"Natural Scenes Part 01" - at Public Life, London